10 Tips for Safe Online Dating

If you have read part one of this article, then you would have known the first 5 tips of securing your presence and how to have safe online dating.

If you have already been working on those five mentioned tips, by now you have understand the basic thing needed to be done to avoid any online scam or problems that may results from dating the wrong person on the internet.

Here, we going to check on Part 2 of the how you can safeguard your relationship online or have at least scam-free online dating. But before going further, I will love it if you can pay special attention to these last 5 tips.

Here we go;

How to Avoid Online Dating Scam & Have Safe Online Dating – Part 2

1, Do video Calls or chats: This is another way you can verify if the person seeking to date you or you want to date is real or fake. Remember I told you that you should collect may pictures of the person as much as possible.

Video calling or chatting is a very important means of verifying if the person is real or scam. You can use social sites like Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp and other sites who supports video calling for this task.

Call him/her suddenly and make sure you use different phones or numbers to call. This will be of great help if you wisely use this tips.

2, Keep Copies of Your Correspondence: Right from the day you guys met, make sure you always safe your conversations. The best way to do this is to make sure you screenshot all you chats, record every video calls or calls, save every voice calls, make sure you keep everything you guys sends to yourself.

After that, back everything up in any cloud storages not your phone or computer because those things can got deleted anytime or viewed by any strangers which may turn to scandals on your own side.

Example of these cloud storages are Google drive and DropBox. Create a free account on any of them and save all these files on your account. You can copy the link on each files and memorized them, don’t write it anywhere or any mere books.

This will really help you to have safe online dating even if things are either going on well or bad between you guys.

3, Use Google’s Brain: We all know that Google is the world most used search engines where you can search for any queries and get your answer(s) within few seconds, irrespective of your location.

Whenever you got the person’s names, hover to and search for the names. Some results will pop out, read some articles about the name you searched for. Check Google Images and surf more about the details given to you by the person.

While searching on Google, if the images matched with the one sent to you, click on the image. After clicking on the image, you will be redirected to either a webpage or social media page. Check out these pages for something fishy.

Another way to make good use of this, is to check on the social media handles that appear on Google. If the details on these social media pages are different from the data received from the lover-in-waiting, you need to question him/her.

What if the details are the same? Yes, this is a perfect way to handle this once and for all. If the details are the same, start checking on the person previous images, statuses, mutual friends and add some people you see from his/her friends’ list.

Those friends you added might give you some clues about the guy or lady who want to date you and using Google brain will really help you out whenever you go to Google for help,

4, Don’t Forget to Use Your Own Brain: It’s very important you make use of your brain whenever you feel insecure or wants to get into any relationship online.

You can do this by discussing with close friends, family members, Relationship councillors in your school or city.

Whenever your instinct is telling you something is wrong somewhere, quickly act and don’t think of procrastinating. This can happen maybe you always notice that the dude refuses to pick up your calls and fed you with excuses later, you must know that whoever is acting this way is either a scammer or someone in a committed relationship.

5, Feel Free to Block: There are some situations you have to block some psychos! Online dating as said in part 1 of this articles are sometimes scams, some leads to scandals etc. But if you smell a dead rat wandering in your room, block and report the person immediately without hesitating.

Here are some situations you may need to block any person online:

  • If the person is asking for nude pics
  • If the person is asking for money, materials or any financial-motivated stuffs
  • If the person is interfering into your private life (which you’re not ready to spill out)
  • If the person’s appearance is too awful to your taste
  • If the person is against your lifestyle, religion, social life or beliefs
  • If the person is worth blocking!

This point is very important and you must act on it if you want to have safe online dating. There are millions of guys and ladies of your choice and taste on these dating or social media sites, you will surely get the one who is honest and meet up to your standard.

The best thing you can also do is to report such users immediate to the site admin team. Doing this will help them maintain scam-free portal for social media users or online date seekers.


This is the concluding part of the article, ‘10 Tips for Safe Online Dating’. You have learnt a lot of things that can help you have a perfect relationship online and I’m honoured to help you in your quest for knowledge.

If this article is helpful to you, it will be helpful to others as well. Kindly help me share with your friends and don’t forget to let me know if you have any question or feedback using the comment box below.

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