10 Tips for Safe Online Dating

You all know that love can start from any length and graduate to any length especially when it comes to involvement in safe online dating. With the invention of different smartphones, personal computer (PC), iPads and other devices power to surf the internet, people can connect and communicate together from any part of the world.

This technology has turned the world to a global village in the sense that finding a love partner or a date on the internet is now becoming rampart.

There is nothing bad in finding someone you really love online and tie a knot with him or her. Even, there are tons of good experience of those who met love in the air and turned it to reality.

You know life is full of ups and downs, same thing happen in insecure or safe online dating. We have also heard a lot of bad stories from those who are victim of online scam through these so called online dating. It’s sad for someone to gives other people’s high hopes through fake feelings in other to trade their sincere feelings for money or future.

Another people are also victims of sex scandals and many other stories which has developed from dating on the internet.

But we can’t say because there is online dating scam or fraud, legislation should be taken again any online dating schemes. The same reason why you can’t stop walking also applied to the reason why despite these ugly side of the news about online dating, millions of people are still finding their soulmate on the internet.

So, how can you date online without falling into scam or scandal? I got 10 working tips for you. But before we start taking the steps after each other, I’ll advice you to patiently meditate and work on each point.

Here we go;

How to Avoid Online Dating Scam & Have Safe Online Dating

  1. Protect Your Identity: When you are registering on a dating website, do not use your real name even when you are in chat rooms or while instant messaging on either whatsapp, facebook, wechat and other messengers.

Do not post your phone number, house address or any means of identification. Instead of giving out your address, try giving out Private Mail Address or P.O. Box. If it’s a must you put your phone number, get a free number on either skype or Textplus.

After getting these generated phone numbers, give it to anybody who ask of your phone numbers and also ask about theirs. If your country is well-developed, you can track the number given to you.

  • Get a Private Email Address: There are different types of email addresses, some are personal, business and private. It’s not compulsory to differentiate between this emails if you don’t know.

But if you are working in a company, office or anywhere, don’t give out the special email given to you by the company you are working with or the one you guys use at home, school, church or library.

If you own a website or an online start-up, don’t share it out with any of your friends you met on these dating website. But rather open an anonymous email from google (, Hotmail, yahoomail, Etc.

  • Choose a Good & Secured Dating Site: There are tons of fake dating website outside there. Some of these fake websites are either owned by porn entrepreneurs or those who scams, creates scandal to extort money from people who fall into their traps through these fake dating sites.

Choose a dating site which have stayed for many years without any bad review. Ask friends or family members for recommendation. Go to google to surf more about the dating website and ask how famous and legit such dating website in different social media groups, channels or pages.

Some good dating website was built with high technology which makes it safe for online dating.

  • Survey Before Involving: After choosing a good and secured dating website, the next thing is to survey everything on the site. What I mean is that you should check on the activities on the site and how members interacts.

Don’t feel shy, try as much as possible to ask questions. Be calm, take careful note of each and every activities going on in the website. If any member wants to know or meet you quickly and you notice that, be wise before you fall for him or her. Avoid instant gratification for you to be safe from infatuation.

Look for signs of anger, fake luxurious people, irritability and those who are there to cry for help. Ask any member you met about their past relationship including the reason why he or she break up with the second partner in the previous relationship.

  • Ask for Verification Means: If you start crushing on someone or you are the one crushing on him or her, do not jump to quickly give into the relationship. Ask for more detail to verify if they are real or scam. This point is so effective if you really want to have safe online dating.

Some people are talented in using fake profile but don’t give in to any of their tricks. Ask for more pictures (not just 1 0r 2). Make sure you have as many as possible with different pose, location but with the same body shape, height, skin colour and any other things you can do to verify if the person is legit or fraud.

The most important thing after meeting the crush is to honesty know why his/her last relationship didn’t last long. Ask for his/her previous partner pictures. Be sure you are stubborn in asking for different proofs.

If he can provide proofs, don’t be convinced yet. There are other things you need to do for you to have safe online dating and we will be discussing that in the part 2 of this topic ’10 Tips for Safe Online Dating’.

Kindly share this article with your friends if it’s helpful to you and don’t forget to let me know your feedback using the comment box below. Thanks for reading.

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