3 Terrible Mistakes Women Make in Relationship

These days, some women are making damn and terrible mistakes in their relationship with men which affects them in one way or another. And most times, men are blamed for these mistakes which is totally wrong. Women needs to wake up to reality and accept their wrongdoing. Instead of blaming others for their mistakes, they need to accept their ‘Mistakes’ and rectify them in order to have healthy relationship.

But, when we are talking about ‘Mistake’, it means ‘Something done unintentionally either in a good or wrong way’! This is what I mean, some women who are making these terrible mistakes in relationship are sometimes unaware of the consequences of what they have do most of the time. For this reason of  this ‘unawareness’, I have compiled 3 top terrible mistakes most women make in relationship and also, how they can rectify those mistakes in order to have sweet and happy relationship.

Top 3 Mistakes Women Make in Relationship

1. Trying to Be Perfect:

Sometimes, women believes that whatever they do or say is right and of course, shouldn’t be debated on. When they are corrected, they turns more bitter and aggressive towards their man. And this makes men feel crazy and sometimes useless. To every man, they have the spirit to be superior not inferior in relationship which the holy scriptures even support. Instead of you making your man feel annoyed or pissed anytime he tries to correct you, why not listen to him and have a mutual dialogue? 

You are both naturally imperfect and this will makes you argue sometimes when none of the party is ready to accept the other partner’s decisions. But, you can try and work hard enough together with your man by telling him (in a humble manner) what you wants or detest, try to always reason with him, appreciate him, support him, respect his decision and always shows that you care and love him instead of acting snobby when you are corrected.

Don’t keep silent whenever he says or did something disappointing because, men are naturally straightforward and, you should try to be. It makes the men angrier when they notice you are not happy and ask you what’s wrong but you said ‘nothing’. Instead, be straightforward and always try to make peace with him.

Also, don’t ever try to change him! This terrible mistake is associated with being perfect but, ‘love him for him’. If he likes football, don’t force him to start loving movies as you do. By accepting that you can’t be right always and also buying into your man’s decision, you will have mutual agreement and this will thereby bring forth healthy and happy relationship.

2. Always Getting Insanely Jealous:

Of course, one of those elements that characterized true love is ‘jealous’. A little and healthy jealous is enough to show your man you really care about him and you don’t want to lose him for any other woman. But, do you know that getting insanely jealous whenever you see him with other women or having long conversation on phone and, making false accusation against him (due to what you noticed negatively) is very unhealthy for a relationship? Doing or showing this motive shows that you don’t trust him which is a big terrible mistake some women makes in relationship. 

Some women are too clingy, trying to glue their man to themselves only, nagging after him and making him feel taunted. Real men loves to be free in whatever they are doing and this makes them want a woman who will gives them personal space, let them enjoy life with friends, enjoy time with hobbies and allows them to feel secured.

Instead of getting jealous always about your man, learn to build trust in him. Don’t ever try to judge him by what you see, heard or noticed. If you keep on being jealous or too nagging, you are letting him to start missing his previous and single life and, your man can finally choose to be single if he can’t endure your act of being insanely jealous again.

3. Being or Acting Inconsiderate:

It’s obvious that some women always relies on their man for everything they need. Although, relationship is meant for helping and comforting each other but that doesn’t mean that you should burden your man for your own needs. If you just start or about to date a guy, the first thing you need is knowing more about him (maybe you can get married) not to start suffocating him with your financial or materials’ problems. Even if you are married, you should be a supportive wife not a kind of wife that turns to a heavy liability. If your man is rich, don’t be an extravagant but rather be a helpful woman that plan and spend wisely.

Whenever you do something annoying, apologize instead of taking the matter out of the relationship. Keep any problem in your relationship within your relationship and don’t be fooled like some women who think that taking the matter to their friends or family members will solve the problem whereas, things will later get more stuffy and complicated.

Also, don’t do anything that may hurt his feelings towards you. Some women who are inconsiderate spends most of their time doing what’s wrong like giving too much of attention to other men than their love partner.

Don’t think that he will always know what you need from him but instead tell him what you want, think or feel. If your man said he want to have sexual intercourse with you but you are not in mood or not ready, tell him the reason you are not in mood for sex instead of just ignoring him.

Likewise, being honest is a very good and useful key to a healthy relationship. Don’t deceive him or try to cover your mistakes with arrant or irrelevant excuses.

ROUNDING OFF: Above are top 3 mistakes women makes in relationship and how you can rectify these mistakes. So far, we have discussed about being understanding, supportive, considerate and building trust in your man instead of getting insanely jealous. Remember that you are both from different background that comes from different environment, the way you are brought up is different but since you are now in a relationship, try to learn how to understand him and show adapt your lifestyle to suit his own lifestyle. By taking these points into consideration, you will have happy relationship!

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