5 Tips to Overcome Jealousy in Your Relationship

While Jealousy is known to be one of the best scene that proofs true love and healthy relationship, most people still think that it’s unhealthy and brings about bad effects on any smooth running relationship.

In fact, a verse in Christian book (the Bible) says lovers should desists from Jealousy to have strong bond between them.

This is quite debatable but in my own knowledge, being jealous in a relationship has its own good and bad advantages. The good side is that, you will see that your lover still care about you while the bad side shows that your lover don’t trust you.

Can you see that both are somehow challenging? But the question here is that is being jealous in a relationship really bad? I think the answer is ‘NO’ due to its advantage (that your lover still care about you) while it becomes bad when it’s excessive.

To deal with both advantage and disadvantage, the only option we can do to sustain a healthy relationship is to learn how to cope or overcome getting jealous in your relationship.

Let me ask you;

Does your boyfriend or girlfriend gets jealous at least or every circumstance? If it’s affirmative ‘YES’ or ‘NO’, then your relationship is faulty somewhere. Your answer should be ‘SOMETIMES’ instead of ‘ALWAYS’ or ‘NOT AT ALL’.

Do you get what I’m saying?

One of the main reason why lovers do gets jealous is when one of the two parties gives more and cosy attention to opposite gender. Most boyfriend or girlfriend prefer to talk to a side chick than their partner which is somehow crazy and worth of instigating jealousy in relationship.

Arrant suspicions can also lead to getting jealous in a relationship but let me tell you a gospel truth: ‘If two lovers can’t overcome this jealous of a thing to an extent then, Breakup or Divorce will set things straight’.

Do you want to breakup or divorce the person you’ve always professes to love with all your heart? No – because it’s going to continue in your next relationship. So, it’s better to overcome it in your present relationship and continue to enjoy your long-time intimacies.

If you have been battling with something like this in your relationship, quitting is never the solution but rather fighting and overcoming it. Here in this article, I will tell you 5 working tips that will lets you overcome jealousy in your relationship.

Now let start cruising;

How to Overcome Jealousy in Relationship

Below are the 5 tips to help you build a jealousy-free relationship or how you can overcome it to an extent:

  1. Don’t Keep Secrets: It’s obvious that human being can deal with life without a secret. Everybody has his or her own way of doing things and how things are done privately & perfect.

It can be your personal stuffs, office or family matters. Whatever the case may be, you should at least try to be open-minded.

Whenever something comes up, quickly tell your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you guys are engaged or married, there shouldn’t be any cause for secretive stuffs between you guys except if you are both deceiving yourself.

  • Say No to Flirting: Flirting is one of the bastard that causes jealousy in a relationship and obviously, it can terminate a 5 years old relationship within 5 minutes.

To be frank and sincere with you, flirting with someone who is not your lover is bad. It shows that you can’t be trusted or the love between you and your partner has or is fading.

When we are talking about flirting, it can be subjected to the following situations:

  • Spending more time with someone who is not your lover
  • If you have a crush or soulmate apart from the person you’re really interested in
  • If you like chatting or talking to opposite gender more than often
  • If your way of exchanging pleasantries with opposite gender is romancing always
  • If you like talking about sex, sexual feelings or sexy body figure and language with opposite gender
  • And many things that can give rise to romantic gratifications with opposite gender.
  • Understand the ‘Why’: As I said earlier, most people gets jealous because of arrant suspicions. You don’t need to suspect, assume and judge immediately. Avoid being a thug!

Before you start acting on what you heard, saw or noticed, make sure you confirm it. That lady you say with your boyfriend can be her sister or someone who is very close to your family but due to your high urge in getting jealous, you’ve start reacting on it.

Make sure you find out ‘why’ your lover do this or that before judging or getting jealous at all.

  • Dialogue is the Key: I told you that getting jealous in a relationship is normal (although it has bad effect) but you shouldn’t just accept anything that you think or heard.

Most thing that gives rise to jealousy are sometimes ‘arrant suspicions’. Maybe you see your boyfriend walking to another lady or you noticed their closeness either on social media, house, church or workplace, don’t think they are dating or your lover is ‘Cheating on you’.

Instead of thinking something that’s negative, call your lover and have a mutual ‘dialogue’ or ‘communication’. Communication between two lovers can solve any problem including jealousy.

  • Share Things: This can proof that you trust your boyfriend or girlfriend and shows that you have nothing to hide. This will really minimizes getting jealous within your relationship.

Make sure you share things especially your smartphone. Let your lover have access to any hidden part such as instant messengers, pictures, videos and share other personal stuffs like email etc.


Relationship should be cosy and fun. Because you heard something with instant proof shouldn’t leads to instant assumption.

Please note these few tips aligned above. Make sure you draw enough line between you and your lover and do away with getting arrantly jealous.

Remember that trust works both ways and required values and a willingness to compromise.

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