5 Ways to Romantically Seduce a Guy

Are you finding it difficult to get the attention of that guy you are crazily in love with? Or are you trying to revive the relationship and feelings between you and your EX-lover but finding it difficult to achieve your aim? If ‘YES’ is your answer to any of these questions, then you need to put more efforts and try to romantically seduce him!

Guys sometimes can be adamant and behave as if they haven’t been seeing you around flaunting your beauty in order to gain their attentions. Well, some guys are shy to voice out that they are in love with a lady and some are just not interested in any relationship due to the reason best known to them.

But no matter what their reason(s) may be, you can still romantically seduce a guy and gain his full attention on you only. In my previous article, I mentioned some tips you can try in order to get your Ex-lover back to you again. But here in this article, you are not going to the guy yourself but you will only need to do something and make him crawl on his knees to you.

Before you start trying these tips, I strongly recommend doing everything in ‘subtle ways’. What do I mean by doing it in subtle ways? It’s simply you should romantically seduce the guy by doing it in pretence or let everything seems like it happened ‘coincidentally’.

The reason why you must do everything in subtle ways is that you will be able to retain your worth as a lady. Don’t let the love blind your eyes, attract the guy to love you not that you should make him feel you are cheap or worthless.

To save much ado, below are 5 quick tips you can romantically seduce a guy:

How to Romantically Seduce a Guy

  1. Check if He’s Dating: If you want to seduce a guy, first of all, be sure if he is Dating. If it happens that he have a girlfriend, start your assignment from her. Study the girl and make sure you get enough tactics the lady is using to enchant him.

I’m not telling you to start a fight or rival with the innocent lady but get your information and head over to plan B. In your plan B and the rest of the plans, you don’t need to involve the lady but use her tactics to seduce the guy but in a more advance and romantic ways.

These tactics varies depending on the guy’s taste. Figure it out and let go to #2.

  • Be Confident: Although you are trying your best to gain the guy’s attentions and it may seem like ‘it’s not going to work’. If that’s what pops into your mind, you need to chase out those negative thinking now.

Don’t think you can’t match up to the guy because he’s richer, famous, brilliant or good looking than you.

Once you’re ready to catch his attentions, then be positive that you will achieve your aim.

  • Dress Accordingly: I will not ask you to dress corporately or seductively. I don’t know the type of guy you want to gain his attention. That’s why I said you should first check if he’s in a relationship or not. And if he is, you should get the tactics from the lady.

But what if you aren’t sure about what the guy likes? I’ll advice you simply dress modestly but sometimes, seductively. Remember that if you want to seduce the guy through dressing, it should be in a way subtle ways. Remember that your dressing can leave different right and romantic imagination to his head.

  • Be Jovial: You need to be friendly to everybody around you and the guys. Smile always and make people around you happy. Let him notice the charismas in you and who knows maybe just being jovial can seduce him.

Whatever you’re doing, make sure you make him more fun and easy to approach you but do this in such a way that you are not cheap!

  • Flirt with Him: This is the main context. Don’t just be fun and approachable to him, seduce him the more during this short period you are having together. There are tons of things you can use to seduce the guy and you will need to fashion out that yourself.

But whatever the method you want to use in flirting with him, make sure you notice him well if he’s falling for your flirting’s tactics. Some examples of things you can use to flirt with him are:

  • Trying to ask about his personal and social life but, share your own first
  • Whatever he says, accept it and let him know that you understand
  • If something romantic happened around you, maybe through people you both see, music or movie you are both watching, try to bring his attention to it.
  • If you are richer than him, buy him expensive things. Take him out to nice places
  • Always tell him about how you spent your day and ask for how he spent his.
  • And other tips you have read in books on watch on movies.
  • Persevere but Play it Cool: From #2 to #5 listed above, continue doing it repeatedly until you finally gain his attention. But remember to play everything in a cool and something way. Don’t let him think you are too available, cheap and seducing him.

But in other hand, make him thing as if you are he’s the one seducing you. As long as you continue doing these things in a safer and subtle ways and the guy didn’t behave repulsive, he will surely be yours… just persevere and play it cool.


If you follow these 6 tips, you will surely gain the guy’s full attention. If you’ve dated him before but will like to start the your relationship all over again with him, kindly read my previous article on How to Revive a fallen relationship or feelings.

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