6 Tips to Enjoy Your Dating Life

If you are thinking of dating, then you’ve realized what getting into a relationship mean. Dating is very normal and it’s part of what proof your maturity and how you will be able to cope with someone (either husband or wife) in the future. Yes, dating is normal, and it aids both your emotional and social lifestyle because it’s fun.

Although dating is normal and fun, but it’s only when you are in a healthy relationship.A lot of relationships nowadays are unhealthy because either one or both parties involved are not doing the right thing in order for them to enjoy theirdating life.

An healthy relationship is one where both of you are totally happy and fulfilled together. It’s healthy, when you can truly be proud of your partner, vouch for him/her, supports each other and feel safe when you are together irrespective of the problem(s) challenging you guys.

If you have read my previous articles about reviving a fallen relationship or seducing any guy to love you, then this article will help you on how you can retain the relationship after reviving or seduction.

To save much talk, these 7 tips below will help you on how you can enjoy your dating life and as well how you can motivate others in their relationship. Here we go:

How to Enjoy Your Dating Life

  1. BE FRIENDS: This is dating and not yet marriage. When you are still dating, you need to offer each other respects, treat each other equal and try to build a great relationship by building trust together.

If you guys start your relationship ‘Friends’, things will be easier and mutual between you. Why? Because you guys have choose to understand each other than anyone else before you even think of marrying yourself (if that’s your goal for dating).

Another reason why you guys should be friends is because, it will be easier for you to share ideas, have similar likes, taste and mentalities. You guys will also be able to communicate well without hiding anything, and that’s great head up for enjoying your dating life.

  • COMMUNICATE WELL: Yes, communication is another key to a successful relationship and you should as well have that key in your hands. Always feel free to talk with your lover if you think something is right or wrong.

Don’t ever hide a thing from your boyfriend or girlfriend even if it’s your personal life issues. Dating can only be enjoyed when it’s built on trust and you guys should work towards that by having mutual communication.

Don’t let your work, school or spiritual life obstruct the relationship between you guys. Call each other not only daily but whenever you miss him/her. If it’s a long distance relationship, then you need to find enough time to communicate very well if you want to enjoy your dating life.

  • Don’t Hide It: If you want to enjoy your dating life, then you should hide nothing from your friends, family or anyone who cares. Being in a relationship is cool when you meet someone who loves you like you do. So, why hiding it?

You should be happy that you met and be able show each other off to your friends. If you can’t do this, that means something is wrong somewhere or you are thinking of securing him/her but wise up!

If you don’t hide your relationship from people who are meant to know about it, it will let you know where you stand (trust each other) and will also let you know if people are happy about your happy about your relationship or not.

But if they are not happy, something is wrong and you must find out. But, mere opinion from people should not be allowed to obstruct the smooth running of your relationship.

  • Have Time for Each Other: It’s dating and not yet marriage. I mean, because you guys are dating, that doesn’t mean you should keep seeing each other daily. You shouldn’t abandon your friends or what you love doing because you are now dating (if your partner is not against any of it).

But also, take time once in a while to visit each other, go to beautiful place to have fun together. There may be joy in being alone but now that you are dating, you shouldn’t let your partner feel alone anymore.

  • Support & Be Nice: If you want to enjoy your dating life, you should always be supportive and nice to each other. If your partner need something and you are capable of doing or giving him/her, then do it.

If you want to have a healthy relationship, then you should avoid anything that may trigger violent, physical combat, yelling, silent treatment and hurling of abusive words – even if you are annoyed or disappointed.

Whenever any issue comes up, you guys should put point #2 into consideration, cheers other each other up and be positive to each other. It’s impossible for you to have disagreement but when such matter arises, communicate and mutually settle it.

  • Don’t be Driven by Anything: This is the last tips and it’s what you must take into consideration. To enjoy your dating life, then don’t let things like S£x, Expensive stuffs or side feelings drives you.

You can enjoy your relationship if S£X or luxuries is taken out. Instead of these things, work together to build a stable and happy future together.


Nobody is perfect and you should always remember that whenever any ugly issues arises in your relationship. An healthy relationship will always see possibility in every ‘Impossibilities’ and that’s what you should work for.

If you can try to be friends, communicate well, let other people know of what you guys are up, you are kind & supportive to each other and you don’t let any external factor filled up your mind, then you can enjoy your dating life even when challenged with many ugly things.

I hope this article have help you in one way or the other? If yes, kindly help me share it with your friends using the share buttons below and thanks for visiting this page in the first place.

Go and start making your relationship a fun and interesting one!

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