7 Simple Ways to Mutually Break Up With Your Lover

Putting an end to a relationship or to break up with your lover is not something that’s always easy no matter the reason why you want to break up with him or her. It’s sometimes painful but you need to do it as soon as possible for you to quickly recover from the aftermath effects (provided you really want to let go of the relationship). The earlier you realized that you guys won’t last or won’t succeed in dating yourself, quickly break up!

Don’t think that breaking up with your lover is an end to your life, there are chances that you will still meet a better partner if you learnt from your previous mistakes and also remember that breaking up shouldn’t be a war or something that should spike violent between you guys. Remember that there are times you use to love each other.

But, how can you easily break up with your lover without any violence? Here, I got 7 working tips for you.

How to Break Up With Your Lover Nicely

  1. FIND A PRIVATE PLACE: Like I said earlier, breaking up with your lover isn’t easy but you need to do it in such a way that nothing should turn violent. To start, you need to find a private place where you guys can discuss it face-t0-face.

Don’t ever attempt to break up on phone either through voice, text messenger, email or text message. At least, you need to respect your soon to be ‘Ex’ even if it’s for the last time.

  • BE SINCERE & DON’T NEGOTIATE: Before you think of breaking up with your lover, I’m sure you have your reason, right? Cool. Try to sincerely tell him or her the reason you want an end to your relationship.

 Don’t hide anything and don’t be afraid to let your soon to be ‘Ex’ know that you are sincerely not interested again. Don’t be rude, act like you don’t care (be considerate at least). And don’t let your ‘YES’ to be ‘NO’ and Vice Versa.

  • FORGET PREVIOUS SHARED STUFFS: This is another thing that makes breaking up violent or goes bad. If you want to break up with your lover, you need to let go things of the past including all the memories you have had (at that moment).

If you are thinking about those things you have bought for him (or her), the promises you’ve made and the good time shared together, there are chances that it’s may be impossible for you to easily get rid of the relationship. So, you need to let go of previous things.

  • END THE BLAME: Don’t blame your lover for his/her mistakes during those days you were together and If your partner is the one bring out the faults in you, don’t argue or try to explain the reasons for the faulty things or situations.

 Kindly accept those blames, beg him or her not to be annoyed with you and make sure you didn’t so something stupid that can make you regret later. What I mean is that you shouldn’t pacify him or her, End the blame, break up with your lover and move on!

  • SHUN AFTERMATH GOSSIPS:One of the best talent human beings possess is ‘Gossiping’ and that will for sure happen after you guys break up especially within your friends, neighbours etc.

But, you guys should try as much as possible to avoid any arrant gossiping that may defame your personalities. Agree on what you guys will say to people about the reason you guys break up.

  • MINIMIZE CONTACTS AFTERWARDS: After you guys have mutually agreed on what you will saying to your family and friends about the reason for breaking up with your lover, the next thing is to move on.

Mind you, after the day you break up with your lover, don’t contact him for no reason. Do not trigger the previous feeling between you guys to be aroused again. If he/she (your EX) call you, don’t ignore but make sure you’re not going back if you really don’t want to!

  • BE SOCIALLY OCCUPIED: After you have break up with your lover, there are chances that your mood won’t be okay (If you are not that wicked). Or maybe you felt cheated, disappointed or use, kindly get yourself along with people.

 Move out with friends, go to restaurants together, talk to your trustworthy family members, read motivational books,inspire yourself and have fun. This will help you forget those memories with your EX to an extent.


To break up with your lover is not something you should just think and acted upon carelessly. You are breaking up the romantic relationship ties between you guys not that you guys won’t be able to talk or having anything to do in the future again.

If you follow the 7 tips listed above, I’m sure you will have a nice break up without any violent. If it happens you feel insecure about what your soon-to-be EX will do for you, make sure you have one of your family members (either your brother, sister or trusted friend) nearby in case something want to go wrong.

But what if you want to get back to your old lover again after you guys have break up? There are chances that you guys can still work things straight together if you think you still love your partner and you want to reconcile. In my next article, I’m going to reveal another helpful tips on how you can revive your relationship after break up.

Till then, let call it a day. If you have any question, suggestion or more relationship advice, kindly talk to me using the comment box below and I will be glad if you can do well by sharing this article with your friends on social media using the social media sharing buttons below.

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