7 Tips to Having Good Interpersonal Relationship within the Family

A Family is said to be the smallest unit in the community comprising of a father, mother and the children. This small unit of people made up the society and that’s why an adage says that ‘Charity Begins at Home’. For this to be totally adhered to, every single person must learn how to have good interpersonal relationship within the family.

It’s essential because the norms and other things learnt in house will surely reflect outside the family’s gate. Many family are like total strangers to themselves and some of these family in our society are characterized by conflicts or violent acts.

If you are a father, then you should know it’s your responsibility to take proper care of your house and those living under your roof. Same things applies to the Wives – who should be supporting the husbands while the kids needs to be obedient to their parents.

But, it’s unfortunate that because there is lack of interpersonal relationship within the family, many kids has turned to monsters in the street and this shouldn’t be so. Parents should be able to lay good examples for the children to inculcate and the children themselves should choose to be good themselves even if the parents are not.

Here in this article, I’m going to tell you few but helpful tips that can lets you start maintaining good relationship within your family and how this will really help you outside your family.

But before then, let me quickly veer to some issues that leads to lack of mutual relationship within some families.

Why there’s Lack of Interpersonal Relationship within the family

  • If the husband or wife is self-centred
  • Waywardness that triggers suspicious acts
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of respect
  • Gossiping and unable to keep family’s secrets
  • Wife or Husband getting drunk always
  • Depriving other partner s£x
  • Unable to take care of each responsibilities
  • Poverty and so on.

There are many things that can trigger lack of interpersonal relationship within the family and sometimes, the children also causes trouble more than expected. If you are facing this ugly issue in your family or you know anybody facing it, this article will help you in conquering it to an extent.

So, let move on;

How to have Mutual Interpersonal Relationship within the Family – 7 Quick tips

  1. Know the Triggers: If you really want to have mutual interpersonal relationship within your family, there is a need for you particularly to check on yourself and what usually causes disagreement between you guys.

We’re all imperfect and there’s every tendency that we will always disappoints ourselves due to any issue either slight or hard.

I mentioned some cause of this lack of mutual interpersonal relationship above and it’ll be great if you can figure out what turns your family to a boxing court.

  • Follow the Rules: You have discovered what leads your family to engage in any violent acts and it’s everybody’s turn to start following the rules.

This is what I mean, there are things your husband or wife or parents will like you to be doing for them or for yourself. If you didn’t do these things, you know trouble will take its chance.

Learn to be doing these things in order to make the family happy. If your husband hate eating fish, be serving him meat or egg. If you parents wants you to do anything, do it or otherwise, patiently tell them the reason you can’t do it.

  • Be considerate: Yes, consideration is a perfect key to having a mutual interpersonal relationship within the family. If your wife or husband comes very late from office, kindly learn to understand the reason for his/her lateness before you start judging.

Another area where you can be considerate with members of the family is to believe we, I mean you guys are all imperfect and you can wrong yourself anytime and any day. Knowing this won’t makes you mad or annoy whenever you are disappointed.

  • Dialogue is the key: If you feel wronged, disgraced, disappointed or disrespected by any member of the family, make sure you didn’t keep it to yourself. Keeping it to yourself will inspire you to do something totally wrong which can affect anyone in the family including YOU.

Make sure you spill out what is annoying you to the right person or you can clearly tell any other person in the family to help in solving the matter.

During your dinner, you guys should at least interact with each other while setting everything straight.

  • Do things together: This is otherwise known as ‘cooperation’. For every successful family who are maintaining good interpersonal relationship is mutual agreement. You guys should be eating together on the same dinning-table and at the same time.

Other things you guys can do together are praying, sanitation, laundry, singing and telling of folklores or stories.

  • Visit different places together: Don’t limit everything within the four corners of your house, pick a nice place for family picnic or date. This will boost your relationship and closeness the more.

You can choose to visit a tourist centre or a nice beautiful place. You can also planned to greet other families in your church or place of work together.

There’s love in visiting different places together, try as much as possible to start this in your family if you’ve not be doing so.

  • Supports yourself: As a family, you can do different things to support yourself and this will help in having each other in the family for good. There are different things you guys can do to support yourselves and it varies.

This includes calling each other, cheering others up, attending to the sick and giving out other assistance which may include gift and any other things.


To have a family is a thing but maintaining the affairs of the family is another thing which is very important. Either you are a father, mother or the children, you must be able to cooperate with other people in the family and make sure that your opinion are known.

These 7 tips will help you to have good and mutual interpersonal relationship within the family if each tip is attended to. I hope this article help you? If YES, kindly share the love with your friends!

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