How to Catch a Cheating Lover with these 6 Signs

No matter how long you have been together or what you have sacrificed do far in other to sustain the relationship, he or she can still cheat on you!

Cheating or betrayal in love relationship has become part of things that makes up our world. IF you are in a relationship, don’t think you are free from cheating or your partner can’t cheat.

Most guys and ladies who cheat these days are been seduced or lured in one way or another which in turn will put an end to the so-called faithful relationship you have been building for years with your lover.

But the most dangerous thing here is that nobody will be stupid to the extent of telling his/her lover that he or she is cheating. It’s also stupid and dumb to ask your partner if he or she is cheating because it’s unanswerable or otherwise you should be expecting different lies and fake promises as answers.

But there are ways you can know if your partner is cheating on you or not. Before that, let quickly talk about the common reasons why most people cheats or betray their lovers. Let me briefly mention few:

Reasons People Cheats in a Relationship

  • Lackof understanding, trust and communication
  • Inabilityto take care for others
  • Makingthings hard for your partner such as complaining too much
  • Unequallifestyle (social, moral or spiritual)
  • Irresponsibility
  • Unableto satisfy each other sexually on bed
  • Proudness
  • Lack of contentment
  • And so on

Above here are just few reasons why most people cheats. But instead of saying out to their partner for everything to settled, they will be enjoying the nonsensical companionship from their side chick or guy.

Below, I will reveal 5 different ways you can catch a cheating wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend ‘red-handed’. Now, let start!

6 Ways to Catch a Cheating Lover

Before going into the details, remember that the best way to catch a cheating boyfriends or girlfriends is t0 carefully note each and every steps they takes. Notice the area they make sudden changes and get to the bottom of the matter before you accept to be cheated or not.

DISCLAIMER: Kindly make sure you don’t assume or make quick judgement because you can later turn yourself to the real traitor because of false accusation or suspicion. Be wise in whatever you do as I will not be liable for any damage in your relationship.

Now, what are the ways to catch a cheating lover? Let start scooping it below:

  1. Private telephone conversations: This is a great sign that your lover is cheating on you, I don’t care who he/she might be talking to. If you guys are in a serious relationship, then you must be able to trust yourself and room should not be given to secret or private conversations.

Whenever you start noticing this, don’t watch but quickly act! Will you be okay if you give your total attention to a guy or lady but in returns receives emotional stabs? No. So, either it’s a business partner or family member, make sure he/she receives call or start conversations in your presence. This is a symptom for cheating, act fast!

  • They Act Differently: If your boyfriend or girlfriend is very nice and understanding before but she suddenly start acting harshly or snubbing you, it’s a sign that someone else is after her or him or your lover is the person after someone.

If anything in your lover’s character changes, quickly start investigating on the reason why it is so. Don’t think miracle or miserable thing is merely happening.

  • Different Excuses and Lies: Cheating love partners are so talented when it comes to making you believe them. They tends to bring different excuses whenever their secrets seems like it’s about to be exposed. They will even try as much as possible to feeds you with different lies which will affect you if care is not taken.

Whenever you suspect or discover that what your boyfriend or girlfriend tells you are not true. It’s another sign that something is happening behind your relationship’s scene

  • They Hides Personal Stuffs: Whenever you start noticing that your lover suddenly start hiding his/her personal stuffs such as smartphones, laptop or any gadget, it’s a sign that there is a skeleton in the cupboard and they wouldn’t like you to see the ugly bones.

This is a common sign that you need to watch out.

 Make sure you try as much as possible to check their emails, WhatsApp messages, Skype, WeChat, Hangout and other instant messengers. Make sure you also check for anonymous contacts or messages. Try as much as possible that you have access to these stuffs but if you don’t have the opportunity to have access to them as before, your partner is cheating on you.

  • They are Scared When You Enter Suddenly: A cheating boyfriend or girlfriend will always try everything possible to hide his or her dirty games. But you can observe this by making sure you bang in or enter to the room unannounced. They usually make use of the period you left them to answer or chat with their secret lover.

If you noticed that your lover is always scared or afraid whenever you enters un-announced, then you should immediately start investigating on who is your rival in the game.

  • Affected with STD: This is a big deal. If your lover is having sex with another person outside, then it’s very possible you are affected with STD. To discover this, you need to start visiting doctor for medical check-up for at least every 2 months.

STD simply mean ‘Sexually Transmitted Disease’ which can only be gotten through sex. So, watch out for your health.


I have aligned top 6 signs to watch out for if you want to catch your cheating lover. But wait! I’m not alleging that your partner is cheating on you but if you suspect anything malicious, start watching out for any of these 6 signs above before judging or assuming he/she cheating on you or not.

Do you have any question, addition or will like to contribute to this blog? Kindly signify using the comment box below and I’ll reply you as soon as possible. And don’t forget to share.

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