How to Revive a Fallen Relationship or Feelings

In my previous article, I listed 7 simple ways you can break up with your lover if you are bored of the relationship or you have a genuine reason for that. Nice enough, sincere relationship can’t be totally abolished if you guys give way for it. There are chances that you may want to revive the fallen relationship or romantic feelings with your lover again.

But to be honest with you, both breaking up and getting back to your lover are sometimes difficult. Well, since you guys have had good times together, getting back can be possible. But before you attempt to get back, be sure of what you are about to do and never allow anybody to drag you back if you don’t want to.

I’m happy and congratulating you for thinking of resolving matter with your lover and that’s what I called sincere and stubborn love that can’t be put an end to. Again, here are 7 things you can do to revive the fallen relationship or feelings once again and maybe forever.

Here we go:

7 Tips to Revive a Fallen Relationship

  1. CHECK IF HE/SHE HAS A LOVER: After you guys broke up, your partner might have choose to accept the disappointment (if you are the one who instigated the break up) and might have now be in a relationship with someone else.

This is your first assignment. If he/she has a lover, learn more about his/her feelings towards you. If it happens that your EX still loves you, then there is nothing bad in trying to revive the relationship. But if your EX is finally with someone who is making him happy, then you should totally forget the relationship.

  • FORGET YOUR DISAGREEMENTS / BAD TIMES: If you are really interested in your lover again and will like to bring him/her back to you, you need to forget everything that might have happened during the time you were dating and when you break up.

Choose an interesting and engaging topic that can keep your EX back to you instead of ranting about blames or behaving just casual with him/her. Forget the past, refresh your memories.

  • START AFRESH: Before you met your EX, there are things you do or say that makes him or her love you, right? Start doing those things again. If it’s your dressing that attracted him, then puts on nice dress as from the day you are thinking of bringing him back to you.

If your girlfriend likes materials things, buy expensive and attractive one for her (at least, to attract her back).

  • REMIND YOUR LOVER ABOUT THOSE SWEET MEMORIES: You are now reviving the relationship gradually. But after you have restored your lifestyle back to the time you met you EX, take time to write some sweet memories you guys have shared together.

You can do this more in creative ways. You can shoot a video of yourself singing romantic songs based on those sweet memories, you can start texting him or her and in your action, let him know you still love him/her.

  • WORK ON YOUSELF: Remember you guys break up because of one or two reasons, make sure you are changing everything you know it’s faulty on your side. While doing that, start taking care of yourself right from your body, food you eat, those you want with and how you think.

If you want your EX to get back to you, then you should look healthy in everything either physically, mentally or emotionally. If you can be able to take care of yourself on these things, it’s sure you are ready to revive the relationship again.

  • DO IT ONCE & FOR ALL: You have spent many days, weeks and even months on your side in other to revive the fallen relationship with your lover. Don’t expect him or her to come back to you (if you were the one who instigated the break).

You should let your EX know that you still loves him/her and will like you guys to be back together again. Below are some tips:

  • Find a nice place your EX love visiting and invite him/her over
  • Don’t try to shift the blame on him when you guys are discussing. Even, don’t talk about the ugly times
  • Discuss something fun and romantic
  • Watch romantic movie or listen to romantic songs together
  • Always remind lover all the good things he/she does
  • Tell your EX that you want him/her back in your life
  • Convince your EX why you want you guys to get back together
  • Hear his/her response
  • If the response you receive is ‘OK’ or you notice that your EX is not repulsive, give him an unexpected hug with smiling face. You can peck him/her if your lover won’t object.
  • NEVER LET HIM/HER GO AGAIN: You know all what you’ve done to revive the relationship is not that easy but finally, you succeeded in bringing your EX back to you. You should learn from those time and make your lover happy everyday.

Don’t make him/her regret the fact that you are together again.


Don’t think that you can’t get back to your EX-lover again. You need to try everything possible that can revive the relationship between you guys again. And remember that forcing him/her back to you is totally wrong no matter how much more you needed your EX-lover back.

Remember to work on each and every tips listed here. Life before you met your lover should be restored and everything you lover usually finds faulty in you should be worked on and changed for better.

After getting him/her back, hold him tightly and don’t give way for asunder again.

But what if you are a lady and you think going back to him may look like embarrassment to you or the guy may start taking you so lightly and cheap, what can you do to revive the relationship with your Ex again? In my next article, I will tell you some tips on how you can seduce a guy to love you.

Before then, kindly share your thought about this article below and if you find it helpful, please help in sharing with your friends on social media using the social media buttons below.

Thanks, stay cool till we meet again.

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